The Journey Begins

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.— Ernest Hemingway

So. Here we are. It’s taken me some time to decide how this would come to fruition, and to lay out what it was that I wanted for this blog. I’ve done a few in the past and not really gotten very far, but I think like many things in my life, it has taken me those few times and some growth to understand that I need a map, a guiding light and some personal organization on my own part. So, I hope you’ll hear me out and that we can take this journey together.

Last fall, I sat in at the UF Small Business Women’s Business and Leadership Conference, and we talked about personal brands and personal wow factors. I thought some on that, and the same night I had this light bulb moment like you see in comic strips or children’s cartoons, where the little light bulb sits over someone’s head and lights up as their eyes get wider. Suddenly the character has a need to run and do this inspired thing right then, right there, now now now. That was me. That ah-hah moment was a coming together of so many of the things I have seen, heard, wanted to write about, wanted to cook, wanted to share. In these last few months, I’ve taken some drawn out time to mold and shape the dough, if you will. This blog is the ah-hah and the wow factors. It is also meant to be much much more.

You’re probably now wondering what my rambling is all for. Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and I’ll share. The night of my ah-hah moment, I happened to be sitting and reading a magazine that I am subscribed to that has a Southern focus, but in a very elegant and sophisticated form. I’ve always loved it because of that air of Southern aristocracy hidden in the pages. It occurred to me though, that many magazines and blogs are missing things. We all love recipes, that is a fact. We all love to see the beautiful places that we want to travel to as well. We enjoy elegant decorating and crafts. You’ll get tastes of those here as well, trust me. But, the south has an entire world that many people never get even a small glimpse into. First and foremost, it has a mixture of ecological diversity that is little seen anywhere else in the world. From the salt marshes and swamps of Florida and Louisiana, to the ancient tree covered tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains, right out to the tumbleweed covered ranches of Texas, there is a uniqueness to the land that you will not find elsewhere. The people are just as unique. The South has shaped the culture of this nation with its musical influences, rich history of cuisine, coal mining families providing fuel and artists in every nook and cranny. The articles you see most miss a lot of things though. The south is responsible for a huge portion of our agricultural output in this nation, and the families that farm here stretch back generation upon generation. The south houses the Appalachian culture, little changed over time, creaking and whispering like ancient trees along the small roads through the mountains. The South’s fishing villages are another group little changed by time and technology.

I’d like to be able to share those things with you. I want you, dear reader, to get to see the parts of this land that don’t get spotlights and beautiful articles with rich colored pictures tucked into the magazines that line your grocery shelves. The South offers endlessly, and all we have to do is look and listen. So I hope we can enjoy that journey together. We will eat, drink, read, listen to music, meet farmers and craftsmen and artists together. We will travel together, sit at home together, and find so many beautiful things together. I hope that it will be a rich and bountiful experience for you.

Without further adieu, let’s begin.

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