March Wish List

Welcome to another round of the monthly wish list. I’m going to try to start doing an early and later in the month, just for fun and inspiration. I hope you find something that speaks to you! I’ve continued some of our simple southern decor themes. I’ve really enjoyed finding the beauty in items of nature that are generally overlooked, like an Oyster shell or a Palmetto frond. So you’ll continue to see a bit of that. There are a few new books, and I’ve worked in some fashion and food items this time around as well! Enjoy!

Oyster Print by ArtByAlexandraNicole on Etsy

I told you I like the Oyster decor! I love the vibrant colors that Alexandra uses to bring out the color variations that can be seen on the inside of oyster shells once they are clean. The contrast against the black background makes this image really pop! I keep envisioning this in a southern restaurant, or a home entertaining area! This print is available in varous sizes from 8×19 to 30×45. Prices vary based on the size. You can find this print here:

Cross Creek – Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings has long stood as a monumental Southern writer, with her novel “The Yearling” taking forefront in her works. Many people don’t realize that her early cracker homestead still stands, untouched by time, in Cross Creek. “Cross Creek” is another popular work of her’s and one that I have started several times but haven’t finished. She has several other novels and also wrote “The Cross Creek Cookery” Which I have and plan to explore with you all. If you should venture to Cross Creek, you’ll find The Yearling restaurant, which has delicious frog legs, fried catfish and some excellent burgers. There are tours of Kinnan Rawling’s homestead, which boasts citrus orchards, a flock of chickens free ranging through the yards, and cooking demonstrations periodically. It neighbors a local boat ramp where you’ll see kayakers, airboats and bass fishermen heading out onto Orange Lake, Cross Creek and Lochloosa for fishing and bird watching. It is also one of my favorite places to watch birds, and also see alligators and Eagles. You can find this book here:

Flower Branch Wrap Skirt – LOFT

I absolutely love the crisp spring green in this wrap skirt. This is perfect for Easter, or just going out on a nice spring day! You can find it here:

Grandma’s Biscuit & Pancake Mix – Nora Mill Granary

I visited Nora Mill Granary in 2016 on a trip to Helen. Nora Mill is a rustic little mill on the border of town, sitting against the river. I loved walking through the mill and seeing the traditional way our grains have been made. The shop boasts their own products, jams, jellies and a plethora of cookbooks and cast iron. I really enjoy their biscuit and pancake mix, as well as their Crispy Mountain Batter Mix. They have an online shop, which makes replenishing easy! You can find this mix here:

Custom Alligator Painting – CaseyLangteauArt

I found CaseyLangteauArt’s Alligator Painting while perusing Etsy a few weeks back and fell in love. Casey does such an amazing job of capturing the textures of the Alligator skin even in light paint tones. I love the alligator’s eye as well, fiercely watching the viewer. The background almost feels like cypress and grasses, which I also love! Casey customizes to your order, including variations of background and the sizing. This painting can be found at:

Thank You For Smoking – Paula Disbrowe

Smoking is one of the longest standing methods of cooking in the south, and I cannot wait to read this book. Those of us who cook are always looking for new ways to add flavor, texture, a deep experience to our cuisine. The description for this book includes items like Ginger, Coffee, Whiskey, Wild Mushrooms and Smoked Peppercorns. It also appears to look further than meat, considering those who have a plant based diet and the desire to implement smoked foods into their diets. This book can be found on Amazon at:

Marnie Pot – Anthropologie

How pretty are these terracotta planters! These could lend a subtle Southwestern feel to any sunroom. I am a blue fan so the royal blue is of course a favorite, but I also am really loving the blue, pink and yellow accented pot. These vary in price based on size and style. They can be found at:

Syrup Gift Crate from Blackberry Patch

Blackberry Patch was featured not too long ago by Garden and Gun Magazine. They have several three ingredient options including their premium syrups. I am dying to get my hands on these to try on baked goods and breakfast items. This crate includes all three flavors. They are Non GMO as well! Make sure to explore all of their other options too. This gift crate can be found at: 

Artemis Wallpaper – Anthropologie

I’m quickly losing my heart to beautiful wallpapers. I keep seeing beautiful floral walls featured in my favorite books and magazines and I need them all! Imagine the beautiful Artemis wallpaper in a quiet room with couches and blankets and books. I keep envisioning bathrooms, living rooms, even closets with different wallpapers. You can find Artemis here:

Nine Lives – Dan Baum

I’ve been wanting to read this book for a little bit. New Orleans holds an enigma that many of us can’t quite penetrate. I love learning about the history of this multi-cultural and beautiful city. You can purchase it here:

Keegan Droop Earrings – Anthropologie

While these earrings come in five different colors, I find these to be so calming and almost cooling. This color blue resonates with one of my favorite groups of blue colors, and they are great for dressing up an outfit or even wearing for a casual outing. They can be purchased here:

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