End of March Wish List: A Culinary Focus

I have wanted to try to do two of these and maybe work on themes for them. Today I’m going to focus on cookbooks, sauces, spices and items I think would make great additions to the kitchen! Enjoy!

Acacia Wood Wine Rack

I came across this little gem while browsing Amazon. You guys. I LOVE this! The bark looks so realistic with the moss in between the nooks and crannies! I also love that it has limited spaces. Why? Because I have no self control and I’ll have 8 bottles hanging out waiting to be used. This creates space control. You can find it here:

Artaste 48537 Acacia Wood Countertop Wine Rack with Natrual Bark, 4-Bottles

How cute are these crab claw spreaders? These are perfect for dips, spreads, jellies and jams. I can picture them at Easter at the river house, or on a beach vacation while my family plays cards! The above link is clickable, go grab yours!

Y’all know I love my bourbon. How about in edible form? This gift box includes five spice blends and three bourbon based sauces. I love gift boxes like this because I can try out a variety of items and then pick and choose my favorites for future purchases. This would be great for Father’s Day, especially if he loves to grill! You can get yours here:


Retro kitchen styles are making a huge comeback, and they are so cute in apartment or cottage kitchens. This retro style mint green blender is right up my alley. Don’t like mint? They have blue and pink too!! Get yours here:

Smeg BLF01PGUS 50s Style Blender, Pastel Green

The Queen’s book has a Thirtieth Anniversary Edition out, and we all need it. Actually I’m being quite serious. Edna Lewis is one of the founding mothers of Southern Cuisine Cookbooks, and if you don’t have at least one of her books in the kitchen you need to rectify that. I have two. She is regal, and her recipes are absolutely amazing.

I know you’re probably saying, “hey! This is a Southern blog!” You’re right! It is a Southern blog. The south has always been a blend of the many cultures that have slowly immigrated here through hundreds of years. English, Scots, French, Africans, and Spanish made up the original cores of the migrants that wound up in the southern states, but the Asians also made their way here. Southern food blends many of these cultures, sometimes drawing for multiples into one dish. I think that is what makes our cuisine so appealing to people in call corners of the world. Some of the best steak and fish I’ve made has been using Soy, Teriyaki, Ginger, Miso paste and more! This is a somewhat inexpensive Teriyaki sauce and it is my go to for steaks and chicken! This link takes you to a three pack. I generally have at least two bottles in the pantry. I love to drizzle this over salmon with some fresh grated ginger and turmeric, or I will marinate a steak for two days in the refrigerator in a bowl of this. SO good!

Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Marinade and Sauce, 21 oz pack of 3

I’m a firm believer in sourcing the best quality products possible to use in the kitchen. Well sourced means you will get better flavor, texture and healthier products. I’m adding this line’s entire list of extracts to my wish list for myself. Their products are Non GMO, Gluten Free and All Natural. The ingredients are simple. I also really appreciate that they use glass jars, which are better for our environment and keep the product stable for longer. Get yours here:

Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, with gift box, 8 ounces

Look how PRETTY this Nordicware Platinum Series bundt pan is! Listen. I toot Pampered Chef’s horn, I love them, but I have always been in love with Nordicware for cake pans. The lines are so smooth and the designs are always elegant. I can’t wait to get this beautiful pan into my kitchen to make a pound cake y’all!

Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Anniversary Bundt Pan

How beautiful is this Olive wood cutting board? This cutting board is 14 inches and I love the oblong shape and wood grain details. These cutting boards keep much of the natural shape of the piece of wood, so each one is slightly different in shape and tones. This makes them perfect for a very rustic home setup, which is totally my style.

Naturally Med – Olive Wood Cutting Board/Cheese Board – 14 inch

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